Tiong Bahru Plaza

A newly renovated mall with about 215,000 square feet of fresh retail spaces.

Artra Condo By Tangs Skyline

Introduction of Artra Condo

Set to be built within the town of Redhill with a 99-year leasehold, Artra Condo is a brand-new set of living spaces on a 442,967 square-foot plot that will hold approximately 400 units. Each unit will be available in various layouts to accommodate the preferences of buyers, that will be conveniently located near the Redhill MRT station for easy accessibility. Customers will have the option of two fronts, with a choice of facing either Alexandra Road or Bahru MRT Road, based on their household size and preference.


Project Name
Artra Condo
Tang Skyline Pte Limited
99-year leasehold
Site Area
442,967 sqft
No. of Units
approx. 400 units

Artra Condo will have a variety of recreational activity facilities to maintenance every resident’s leisure and sporting needs. Each unit will give residents access to a full-sized swimming pool, as well as a tennis court with an instructor available upon appointment. Artra Condo will house a gym that will supply classes for all training types. All this is located within the confines of Artra, giving residents the ability to not only schedule classes for gym, but also at the function room where tuition classes can be arranged. This all-in-one facility will save the tenants time and money, allowing the ease of travel to be minimized and productivity to be done from the comfort of their home.

More About Artra Condo in Redhill

Being in the town of Redhill, Artra Condo will sit on the fringe of the city center. Its location gives residents an area that is flourishing with new businesses to continue to benefit this blossoming arena. The entire developmental area spans 21,528 square feet, giving those residing a surplus of commercial shops and businesses to accommodate every necessity. The land is rich with retail providers, making travel unnecessary as the Central Business District is only minutes away, and the Central Plaza Shopping Centre, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, and Valley Point Shopping Centre are also within the vicinity.

When traveling abroad becomes necessary, much of Singapore is within reach as the condo is only one MRT station away from the Tiong Bahru Plaza, or if by car, the Central Expressway (CTE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) rest comfortably in range. Shopping is readily available with nearest IKEA at Alexandra, the Queensway Shopping Centre, and Great World City close by to aid in any fulfillments. And, for those keen on late night outings, there are numerous pubs are doused in the proximity of Central Plaza, ideal for those active seeking residents.

Once in Tiong Bahru, the plaza offers locals a beautiful modern appeal for those casually about. Then, upon entering, there’s a newly renovated mall to take advantage of, with about 215,000 square feet of fresh retail spaces. The plaza is located near the Tiong Bahru MRT station for an easy lift back to Artra. This convenient location makes much of the commute in Redhill is sufficiently simple, leading families to be able to find solace in these new residencies. Many of the tenants will have ample access and conveniences to not just shops and business, but substantial eateries and schools. Families will be able to safely escort their children to school with the convenient locations of the Crescent Girl’s School, the Queenstown, Gan Eng Sent, and Henderson secondary schools, as well as the Alexandra Primary School within the immediate area.

Artra Condo is part of the local government’s new plan to implement new housing arrangements for the prospective residents of Redhill. Tang Skyline has been part of this new restructuring and committed in putting forth maximum effort to ensure Artra’s construction is done under compliance of their high standards, i.e., to make every home full of contemporary luxuries, fabricated with exceptional build quality, and examined meticulously. Artra Condo is an undertaking that has been thoroughly meditated with hopes in motivating many new citizens come join the movement.


Artra Condo are fronted by the beautiful waterfront of the Keppel Bay with a surrounding plethora of intimate parks and nature walks. From gorgeous scenery of the Mount Faber Park, to the Blangah Hill Park, Tiong Bahru Park, and the Labrador Nature Reserve, residents are able to experience many of their footpaths and outdoor recreations. Among these parks and reserves are many other green spaces throughout the town to help liven up the commercial centers. Offering up many activities and interactions for families, these lively areas supply visitors and locals ample opportunities to enjoy the beauty Redhill has to show.


There are definitely much in the way of current shops, schools, libraries, sporting facilities, and parks. Upon this need, the government has been pushing the implementation of more housing developments to help new families find refuge within this bustling town. This new plan would help demonstrate further engagement with the locals by putting in new establishments that would aid those who want to live in this blossoming borough, placing a majority of them near these new retail malls and transit connections. This endeavor will drive up commerce and attract many other residents to reside in Artra Condo as they serve as an ideal precinct for anyone wanting to be in the center of the expansion.

Artra Condo is at the epicenter of this new expansive movement, allowing those who want to be on the bleeding edge to become part of the new venture. Nearby, there is the Central Business District and the Orchard Road shopping belt, that any newly settled resident would have an easy commute to—in under 10 minutes—for work and leisure. And, nestled only 15 minutes away is the train depot, a public transit option making personal travel simple and without the need for an automobile to enjoy the luxuries of the town’s plazas. Living in the Artra condo Provides endless accessibility to all things relevant in Redhill. It’s even nearest to Financial District of Marina Bay, Shenton Way, and Raffles Place with less than a 15-minute travel time.

Many nodes of the town are also committed to commercialized areas such as industrial estates and business parks, making the opportunities for employment plentiful.


artra condo, artra condo floor plan, artra condo price, artra condo launch date, artra condo redhill, artra condo singaporeClose to the condo is a new retail mall that has been established within Alexandra Central that adds hubs to Harbourfront, Tiong Bahru, and Arts Clister at Gillman Barracks. Artra Condo are the most conveniently located residencies in the district of Alexandra and the Redhill area. Not only is it nearest to the recent retail plaza, but close to Dempsey Hill that has a widespread of taverns, restaurants, and cafes to peruse.

For those who love the traditional hawker foods will appreciate the strip of food stalls at Alexandra Village Food Centre and the ABC Brickworks Market, as well as the stylistic streets of Tiong Bahru. There is no shortage of food and beverage options near Artra, with many of the businesses consisting of a mixed development. Most of the stores around the area provide all of the necessary outlets for all variations of conveniences we have all come to enjoy. Anything from fast food restaurants, to major grocery supermarkets and eloquent dining, all within walking distance.

With this recent boom, Redhill has had an influx of new malls and hotels to help accommodate many of the people moving in, as well as all of the recent visitors because of its inviting atmosphere.


Artra Condo is in a location that is a prime spot for anyone who enjoys the benefits of nearby pleasantries and easy accessibility. For even those who have further commitments and frequent travel, Artra Condo is conveniently located near the airport; also advantageous to those who don’t require as far of travel but would appreciate the ability to buzz around now have the new MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station at their exposal.

This new MRT station located at Havelock will be built to provide all of the public transport necessary to enhance local transit with plenty of new roads, tunnels as well as cycling paths for those looking forward to traveling by bus, car, and bike. These new advances in transit will allow anyone moving into Artra Condo to experience the town anywhere from the East-West to North-East lines, that also include additional connections to Thomason, Outram Park, and Sentosa Gateway Tunney.

This expansion of the transit network will allow families living in the condo to have some peace in mind for their children too, as many of the local schools will have sufficient transportation and improvements to the roads and expressways to ensure safe travel. Families will be exceptionally pleased to know near Artra Condo is a new school that has been recently developed, the Alexandra Primary School at Prince Charles Crescent.

Development – Tang Skyline

Under development by Tang Skyline Pte Limited, Artra Condo is expected to become a highlight for many prospective residents. Tang Skyline is a multinational organization that has established its reputation over various business sectors. Focusing on quality for all of its residential developments with meticulous construction and craftsmanship, they have become renowned for their professional build quality. Every residential project goes under close watch, with every detail reviewed by experts in the field to ensure all potential residents have the most luxurious experience in their new home. Tang Skyline is dedicated to building masterpiece contemporary styled housing arrangements suited to anyone. Their track record is extensive proving time and again that they know how to deliver an exquisite product.

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Prospective renters should be attracted to Artra Condo, as they offer up many conveniences and amenities with accessibility to the local shops, malls, and business districts. Filled with attractions and beautiful greenery of the parks and reserves, there is little left unfulfilled living in such a perfectly located residency!